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« Let's Make a Deal (HD, New, TV-PG) Audience members wearing wacky costumes are selected to participate in games where they may have to choose between the item they are given or an unknown prize.
The Price Is Right (HD, New, TV-G) Contestants compete for prizes and cash, including cars and vacations, in games that test their knowledge of consumer goods pricing.
WVLT News at Noon (New)
The Young and the Restless (HD, New, TV-14) A series of prominent families living in a sprawling Midwestern town dominate the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears associated with their city.

Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol #121 (HD, TV-14) Police are on alert when they discover drugs and weapons in South Carolina; teens are put into custody after they are caught drinking alcohol by officers.
True Crime Files A Stranger In My Home: Death by Lottery (HD, TV-14) When a man wins the lottery, he takes off on his own, but after months go by with nobody hearing about him, his family begins to wonder what happened.
Chicago P.D. Get My Cigarettes (HD, TV-14) A series of murders that leave the victims with a dollar bill pinned to their bodies leaves the Intelligence Unit scrambling for answers.
Chicago P.D. Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb (HD, TV-14) Halstead and his co-workers end up under attack by a violent gang of robbers while at the bank, resulting in a full-fledged shootout.

Face the Truth Should Wife Ditch Her Loveless Marriage? (HD, New, TV-14)
The Steve Wilkos Show I Won't Marry Him Until He Takes the Test (HD, New, TV-14) A lady prepares to cancel her wedding with her fiancé if he is unable to pass a lie detector test; an engaged couple argues because of infidelity.
Maury My Wife Cheated with a White Guy... Who's Her Baby's Father? (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A man puts his wedding to his fiancee on hold until he can find out if he is the father of her infant daughter, due to the baby's light complexion.
Divorce Court Spearman vs. Spearman (HD, New, TV-PG) A woman claims her partner is a deadbeat husband and a cheater who didn't tell her he has 19 kids, but he claims she has anger management issues.

« Without a Trace Moving On (HD, TV-14) Last seen while going on a run with her ex-husband, a doctor is presumed missing, and the team must piece together unintelligible clues.
Without a Trace Coming Home (HD, TV-PG) When a young man unexpectedly goes missing after his high school reunion, Malone and the team search for the man, but soon discover clues of a double life.
Deep Undercover Operation Lockdown: Imprisoned Cop Killer (Repeat, TV-14)
Murderous Affairs The Last Dance (Repeat, TV-14)
It Takes A Killer The Happy Face Killer (HD, TV-14) A long-haul truck driver has a passion for killing and travels around the country to prey on his next victim, but he later makes a costly mistake.
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